Frequently Asked Questions

About SAO

We adhere to all KYC/AML procedures required.

How Sao operates

Exchange BTC, ETH, USDT to USD / EUR.

Clients who desire to exchange crypto to crypto can apply to us at and we will assist them individually.

Once we receive the funds to our bank account you can not cancel the transaction.

Basic steps

Your SAO wallet is automatically created during the registration process.

Customer’s account would be closed if they were found on any sanctioned list (e.g. OAFC, EU, UN, HMT, etc.) for any kind of crime, ranging from money laundering to terrorism financing, drug trafficking.


Cryptocurrency services entail implementing certain KYC/AML procedures upon crypto rules and regulations. These procedures also allow us to protect our clients from scams/fraudulent activities. By implementing KYC/AML procedures, SAO clients confirm their transactions are legal.

In most cases, SAO processes verification automatically in a few hours’ time. If you submit a document that does not comply with our requirements, we will need to review it manually: This process takes longer than usual, as we will need to contact you several times and inform what additional verification documents you need to provide. Please, make sure you indicate your legal name as shown on your identification document while registering to SAO.